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Happy New Year to anyone who is still reading this thing. I'm happy to escort 2009 out the door, kick it in the ass, and send it on it's way. Here's for a good 2010...I hope something wonderful is about to happen, just like Dave Bowman said it would.

*puts on silly party hat*
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It wasn't really Christmas until my Dad yelled "Shitter's Full!" (from Christmas Vacation) and we all started opening gifts (very carefully, folding wrapping paper and saving bows, per Aunt Olive's orders). I was really missing Dad this year.

One more in the history books. The best present was spending the day with family and the bestest was spending the morning with the hateful piglet (she makes rockin' gifts) and I'm hoping I don't catch Mom's head cold that makes her nose squeak like the opening credits of Inner Sanctum.

Bring on Boxing Day (and Doctor Who).
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Alaina Reed (who played Olivia on Sesame Street in the 70s and 80s) passed away at 63. I always liked Olivia. She was smart and independent and probably more of an influence than I realized. Man, I'm feeling old. I think I should go hug a muppet.
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Just finished wrapping everyone's gifts for Christmas. Now I just need some holiday cheer to infect me before the festivities begin.

Maybe snow would help. Anyone want to send some my way?
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I made my mother buy the giant 40th anniversary of Sesame Street book for me for Christmas. I am really only six years old. And I miss Jim Henson.

In other news, I'll be finished with grading somewhere around 2013.

*runs off singing "Ladybug Picnic"*
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For the first time in my life, I won't be having a 'traditional' Thanksgiving. Mom's out of town, so it's just me and Aunt Olive and some pizza. If there were beer, this would be a better new tradition.
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Christ-on-a-crutch, I'm stressed. Anyone want to run off to South America with me? Or at least to a movie tonight?


Nov. 21st, 2009 12:11 am
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The day started badly. After twenty four (or more) hours of what might be the flu, I still didn't feel great, but went to work anyway. Then I almost passed out in Lobb's office. Thank whatever power that be that I was just showing a documentary today.

After work I had to drive to St. Louis on a (legal) opium run. Made it there, ate some Shepard's Pie at the Scottish Arms and pushed through throngs of New Moon fans at the Chase Park Cinema to see Pirate Radio (again).

Now at home, I feel like I'm gonna pass out. Or die. Shit.

Gotta go...Reinette is playing with a hairball that she apparently threw up while I was gone. Wow, the fun never ends.

The Moon

Nov. 15th, 2009 02:56 pm
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There is a small curve in the road on the way home from St. Louis to here that always pisses Annie off. There's a streetlight that reflects in a pond, and one night she professed that she always mistakes that for the moon. And it makes her angry. On the way home from the land of the whore-people (KY) last night, there was this conversation:

Her: Is that light the moon?
Me: Where?
Her: There. Over the trees. Is that the moon or something else.
Me: *silence*
Her: It's not the moon, is it?
Me: (hesitantly) No.
Her:(angrily) I knew it!!!! That pisses me off!!!!
[laughter from both parties]
Me: Why do you get angry?
Her: Because I think it's the moon and then it's not and that PISSES ME OFF!!!!
Me: (laughing) You're insane.
Her: I just think it's the moon and then it's a light and arrrrrrrgggg.......
Me: You know what's funnier than you thinking that light was, in fact, the moon?
Her: No.
Me: That you're pissed off that the moon has been duping you all these years.
Her: Any lit orb in the sky could potentially be the moon.

And with that, I almost ran off the road because I was crying/laughing so hard. I love you, Annie. But you are insane. (I'm not even going to mention the sentence: "My straw is laden with Strawberry boogers").
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I'm on day four of the Progesterone treatment that my OBGYN put me on. So far, so good. But damn, that makes me feel old. Hang on...gotta stop having fun so I can put my old woman cream on.

And is it an OBGYN if I never use the OB part? Can't I get a discount?


Oct. 29th, 2009 08:27 am
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Aunt Olive is in the hospital--she had, probably, a mini-stroke, and we're waiting to see when she can come home. Because this has stressed me, I went to visit Annie last night.

After some great Thai food, I headed home, only to have a flat tire in the most deer infested bottom land in southern Illinois. Two local boys, in two separate cars, stopped to help me when I noticed more cars pulling off the road behind us. We watched their flashers, heard some squealing tires, but went back to changing the tire. A few minutes later a red car pulled up beside us and stopped in the road, rolled down his window and yelled, "I HIT A GOD DAMNED DEER!" We confirmed that everyone was okay, and he went on his way. My friend I'd called earlier then showed up, with another guy pulling in behind him declaring that he'd just hit a deer. Bad night to be a deer. Or a tire.

The parade of flashers broke up finally with the spare tire on the car, but it was a great night by the side of a muddy ditch. Car is at the mechanics now getting a new tire and some comfort.

Now if we can just get Aunt Olive fixed.
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Okay, I'm not exceptional when it comes to technology, but dammit. I've got two friends using Blogger or Blogspot or whatever the hell it is and I can't fucking post to either one of those even though I created a fucking account and even tried using my fucking LJ account name which it fucking said I could use.

Whew...I feel a little better now.
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I came close to physically injuring a colleague today when she insulted the film version of Hitchhiker's Guide. I don't love the movie with the same fervor in which I adore the books, but she referred to it as 'ignorant', and I almost came across the table to throttle her.

Sure, I don't like her anyway, but don't be talkin' smack about any incarnation of Arthur Dent, et al. I'll get medieval on your ass. Or read Vogon poetry to you.


Oct. 18th, 2009 09:21 pm
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Annie's late coming home from Reno; she hasn't called and should have. I've got the nervous 'dead in a ditch' syndrome. Need to calm my nerves. Suggestions?

Update: She's in! Headed home!


Oct. 14th, 2009 02:58 pm
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The stomach flu? Why yes, I'll have some.
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A nice article about what might arguably be the best book series of all time.
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A long day after a good weekend; the highlight, though, was meeting of the English department where we overused the word "fuck" and "motherfucker" while discussing the current state of education. Some days I love my job. That is not sarcasm.

While driving in through the state park, there was a group (gaggle, flock, shitton?) of birds swirling in a spiral motion and because of their color, they turned from white to black over and over against the bluest sky we've had in weeks. Nice. Some days I love the world.

Other days, the world can go fuck itself.
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A great night out with Annie...even though the winery wasn't showing Jaws (the inflatable screen wouldn't stay up in the wind), we still had a delicious dinner and a good hour warming ourselves by a bonfire. Next weekend it's hopefully more of the same with an added hayride.

p.s. I redecorated!
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It's official...Annie and I are invading Ireland for two weeks next year. Anyone been there and have suggestions of things we shouldn't miss? Annie's been there, but I haven't.

btw, where the hell is Dylan Moran? Why isn't he in every tv show/movie purely for my enjoyment?
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