May. 13th, 2015

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While it's apparent that LiveJournal has turned into a large empty pit, this seems like as good a place as any to start writing again...slowly...we wouldn't want anyone to get hurt by just jumping in and rattling off a good story or two.

So, it's time to reminisce about important things in life. Namely, Mad Max.

My father and I made it our New Year's Eve tradition. There would be a few rousing games of Trivial Pursuit with both Mom and Dad (and Dad and I would grumble if Mom actually won a round); He would usually accuse me of reading the questions beforehand if I won. And then we'd eat some popcorn, Mom would go to bed, and Dad and I would settle in to watch The Road Warrior. While he and I both agreed that the first Mad Max had merit, it was the second film that we both loved. Even though it was filled with violence, there was something weirdly hopeful about people who were still fighting to keep a certain way of life. The first time we watched it together, neither of us knew the twist: Max was driving a tanker full of sand, and not oil. There have been nerd arguments raised on both sides -- was Max in on the con? Dad and I decided that he wasn't. He wouldn't have sacrificed so much and driven so far if he knew that he was a pawn in the game. But Max didn't seem to be too upset about the events. It was just another day, another car chase.

I saw Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in the theater when it was first released. I loved it immediately and told my Dad all about it when I got home. He hated going to see a movie in the theater, so we had to wait until the VHS release. I think I loved watching him watch the movie more than I enjoyed it myself. He laughed, cheered, and shook his head at the ending, "He just can't catch a break, can he?" No, I offered, he couldn't.

We'd repeat quotes to each other from both films from time to time. Dad would talk about how he wanted to build a car like Max's Interceptor and race it across the Outback. We talked seriously about going to Australia to just see what the Outback looked like even without a crazy car chase. And, of course, there was the ringing in of the New Year, when Max left with his tanker of sand, would remind us that sometimes, life bites you in the ass.

Dad was diagnosed with cancer in the late 90s, and one day we were talking about Australia. I'd heard a rumor that they were making another Mad Max film. He smiled, "That would be cool." Yeah, it would.

He's been gone for almost thirteen years now, and I have tickets to go see Mad Max:Fury Road tomorrow night with Annie. I hope that it's all that the early hype says it will be. I know that if it's anything near what The Road Warrior was, I'll be entertained. But I also know that during the extra long car chase, the insane stunts, and the world of Max, I'll be missing my Dad and wishing he'd built that car that we could race to the sunset of a slightly better world.


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